[Wine] Red Alert installation issues

Eatherington Philip eatheringtonp at yahoo.com
Sun Aug 27 19:01:03 CDT 2006

Hello All,

I've tried researching around on the 'net for an
answer to this, but haven't had any luck.

Here's some information on the system first:

768 MB DDR Ram (old though, think it's PC 2100)
Running Kubuntu 6.06 (Ubuntu Dapper Drake)
Using Wine 0.9.19

I've been trying to install Command and Conquer: Red
Alert (I have the Domination Pack that includes the
two expansions, but I'm just trying to install the
core game).  

How I've tried to install: I've gone to wincfg and set
the mode to Win98, and autodetected drives.

I put in the cd and run setup.e., or
/setup95/setup.exe, or go to the console and type wine

The error I get:
Setup could not find all of the neccisary instalation
files.  Please run the setup from the CD.

I've been to the WineHQ page about C&C:RA, but the
person who was having this problem indicated the fix
he was told didn't work, but didn't indicate what he
did to get it to work.

Any help you can provide is appreciated, and if not,
I've gotten along fine for some five or six years
without the game, I can manage some more. 


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