[Wine] How to get it running...

mario ml at bortal.de
Wed Aug 30 09:29:49 CDT 2006

Hello List,

i have a spelling and reading software i would like to get running for a
primary school because they should not be using windows and the teachers
really want that software.

I have already tried to get it running with a few people in #winehq, but
it seems that its more a guessing game than a streight debugging and
solving way.

What steps do i need to do to get it running? 

First of all i checked the appsdb, and the apllication is not listed

I am running OpenSuSE 10.1 with wine-0.9.20-SuSELinux101.i586.rpm from
the winehq download section.

I have removed the previous ~/.wine directory and let wine create a
default setup.

Then i ran the exe:
cd /media/GUT_1/ && wine Setup_D.exe

The Installation Program started, i was able to accept the license and
seect a installation path, and pressed next.

Now i am back to the console. The installation window is still there and
it is saying "System wir überprüft, Bitte warten..." (which means
something like: Checking system, please wait...).

And now it hangs there since 20mins.

What is my debug way from here? Do you need more info? Maybe the file
list of the CD? Anything?

Thanks, Mario

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