[Wine] Re: backward step?

Doug Laidlaw laidlaws at dougshost.invalid
Wed Dec 6 16:50:56 CST 2006

Doug Laidlaw wrote:

> Daniel Skorka wrote:
>> Doug Laidlaw <laidlaws at dougshost.invalid> wrote:
>>> Copying my Windows fonts across into the windows/fonts directory fixed
>>> the layout and text problems, as in the early days, but the absence of
>>> thumbnails must be something different.
>> It propably is a regression. If you want, you can do regression testing
>> according to http://winehq.org/site/docs/winedev-guide/x1348
>> Daniel
> I will "have a go", but no promises.  I am a lawyer, not a programmer. 
> Here
> in Oz, the lawyer jokes are starting to be appropriate.  Oh, for the good
> old days of the family lawyer, who would fix a marriage rather than cash
> in on it!
> Doug.
There must be some kind of residual effect operating here.  After running
ver. 0.9.17, I uninstalled the RPM and reinstalled the RPM for 0.9.14. 
That brought back the thumbnails on the selection screen, but there is
another thumbnail: the one to look at while working.  With 0.9.14, it is
usually O.K., but now it would disappear when I clicked the work area. 
This was once again pre-0.9.12 behaviour, probably related to the "always
on top" function.  Reinstalling Sidenet fixed it.

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