[Wine] Re: Trying to get a cdwriter to write to loop device

nate nrs27 at cornell.edu
Wed Dec 6 16:51:04 CST 2006

Thanks for the reply,

 > > first I created a 1 Gig empty file:
 > > dd if=/dev/zero of=usarm.iso bs=1k count=1000000
 > > losetup /dev/loop0 usarm.iso
 > > mkdosfs -c /dev/loop0 1000000
 > > mount -t vfat /dev/loop0 mnt/
 > Why?

After I made this file, I turned it to an iso with vfat filesystem to 
see if cdburn would write to a mounted iso file.

> Have you tried 'wine cdburn.exe foo.iso usarmy.daa', where foo is a file
> that does not yet exist?

[nate at blackbox ~/.wine/drive_c/Program Files/PowerISO]$ sudo wine 
C:\\Program\ Files\\PowerISO\\cdburn.exe Z:\\home\\nate\\temp.iso 
Error 2 opening device \\.\Z:\home\nate\temp.iso

What does \\.\ mean? Is it actually pointing to somewhere meaningful?


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