[Wine] Re: Difference Between WINE and an Emulator

Matthew Reed matty at zootal.com
Wed Dec 6 20:46:56 CST 2006

>>An emulator is a specific type of program that mimics hardware. Windows
>> is not a piece of hardware, ergo Wine Is Not an Emulator. It's merely a
>> clone of the Windows API.

> This is probably the best answer you will get that is clear and simple.
> Out of interest the term I use to explain to others the concept is that
> WINE is a compatibility layer between Linux and Windows.  Does
> that seem an accurate use of the word? It tends to set the right
> impression in the minds of the people I've explained it too.

There are software emulators, and there are hardware emulators. According to 

"A software emulator allows computer programs to run on a platform (computer 
architecture and/or operating system) other than the one for which they were 
originally written." (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Emulator).

That is *exactly* what Wine does. 

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