[Wine] How to install IE6 correctly?

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> Subject: Re: [Wine] How to install IE6 correctly?
> On 12/18/06, ÕÔ ½¨ÖÞ <jianzhou.zhao at hotmail.com> wrote:
> > > I tried to use google to find how, but i failed. All i get is a white
> > > window. my wine version is 0.9.27, can any one tell me how, or
show me a
> > > link to a detailed method?
> > > i'm new here, and i guess this subject has been asked so many
times, but i
> > > dont know how to search, i wish some one can give me a answer.
thank you in
> > > advance.
> > >
> Try ies4linux
> http://frankscorner.org/index.php?p=ies4linux
> John

Frankly speaking, I admire all the hard work done for IEs4Linux. But 
IEs4Linux sucks IMHO.

First of all, ideally, I'd like IE be installed into my existing .wine
folder, instead of a new profile.

Secondly, and more importantly, I want IE to be running in a
Win2k/WinXP WINE environment. (IEs4Linux always set the environment to
Win98, thus preventing my to further install other software in the
environment that requires IE.--Most software nowadays requires some
features from Win2k/WinXP...)

For the above simple reasons, I can only wait till there's better



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