[Wine] Re: How to install IE6 correctly?

Flying wu_yinghui at yahoo.com
Tue Dec 19 17:54:03 CST 2006

From: Jonathan Ernst <jonathan at ernstfamily.ch>
 > ies4linux is nice if you actually want to use IE for web browsing. If
 > you need IE to satisfy an installer, you might try to go builtin by just
 > adding the required keys to the registry or install IE (it installs
 > without any problem in current Wine, running it is another problem).
 > Jonathan

Thanks for the prompt, Jonathan. But do you have more details on how to 
install IE6? I personally tried it (with IE6setup.exe downloaded from 
Microsoft), but the installation didn't complete after the installer 
completes (in Windows, it expects a reboot). But when I run wineboot, 
nothing happened, and the remaining installation didn't proceed on, 
which prevent the actual installation to complete.

Worse still, the installation basically corrupts my .wine profile, and 
the half-installed IE cannot be installed from uninstaller either.

OTOH, it is a matter of fact that many software nowadays use some IE 
controls somewhere. That doesn't mean I want to run IE, but I just want 
to have those other software with IE control dependency to run. But with 
a half-installed IE, I cannot do much about it.

I'd greatly appreciate if you have any pointer on how best to install IE6.

 > >
From: Alan McKinnon <alan at linuxholdings.co.za>
 > Then change the emulated OS version just for IE in winecfg
 > alan

Have you personally tried it, alan? IEs4Linux's directory structure (as 
well as DLL file mapping) is quite different from a Win2k/WinXP 
emulating environment of WINE. (I also personally tried manually setting 
the OS emulation in an IEs4Linux environment. The result? IE simply 
didn't start after that. And many other software had problem coping with 
an environment that appeared half Win98 half Win2k.)

Sorry for the flame here. But I was just a little bit frustrated when I 
go to Google, and found mostly winetool or ies4linux reference when 
coming to install IE6. Nothing of them are actually up-to-date when you 
want an Win2k/XP-based emulation environment.



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