[Wine] Re: wine-users Digest, Vol 17, Issue 36

Alan McKinnon alan at linuxholdings.co.za
Wed Dec 20 10:26:28 CST 2006

On Wednesday 20 December 2006 16:30, Flying wrote:

> I had slightly better luck now. When I create a new .wine directory
> by winecfg, if I set OS emulation to Windows 2000 (the default was
> Windows XP), I could actually get IE6 completely installed (at least
> appearantly complete). But I still couldn't run it!
> When I run iexplore.exe, it always show my a completely blank IE6
> window, and pop up saying that it needs "Wine Gecko Installer." But
> even if I press the "Download" button, nothing happens, and the IE6
> window remained empty.
> After a little bit of searching, I tried installed Mozilla ActiveX
> Control. This time round, IE6 no longer ask me to download "Wine
> Gecko Installer," but still, the IE window is completely blank.
> Appearantly, most people didn't have any problem installing IE6 from
> the installer. But I just wonder if there is anything so peculiar
> about my system (Ubuntu Edgy, completely new installation, Wine
> 0.9.27 built from source)... It's been really a pain these few days
> while I was trying all sorts of methods trying to get IE installed...
> *sigh*

From general comments on this list and elsewhere, it would appear that 
you have exactly the current state of affairs with wine and IE - it 
installs correctly and all the right stuff is in the right places, but 
it doesn't run.

Look on the bright side, step 1 is complete and done. Step 2 is to get 
the thing to work and that is going to take some dev work. So you can

1) Help the effort a whole lot by actively developing a solution
2) Help the effort a little less by submitting reports and data
3) Be patient and wait for IE support to improve so that it is useable

It would be really cool if you were able to pull off #1 but if not, at 
least you know the current state of affairs.


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