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Jonathan Ernst jonathan at ernstfamily.ch
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Le jeudi 21 décembre 2006 à 16:00 -0800, Charles Krinke a écrit :
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> Le jeudi 21 décembre 2006 à 10:26 -0800, Charles Krinke a écrit :
> > I have two computers with wine installed. The first is a Fedora Core 6
> > with all updates running wine-0.9.25. The second is a RHEL4 with
> > wine-0.9.27 compiled from source (./configure, make, make install). In
> > both cases I have a dual-boot partition with a WindowsXP NTFS, and I can
> > install and run ntfs-3g with no problem.
> > 
> > In the first system, I can navigate to the location of NOTEPAD.EXE and
> > invoke it directly as './NOTEPAD.EXE' from a bash prompt. In the second
> > system, I need to do 'wine NOTEPAD.EXE'.
> > 
> > Can someone help me understand how to make the second system respond
> > directly to an invocation of a windows executable and how this actually
> > works. Is this ld.so, binfmt_misc or some file suffix association magic
> > going on and how does it work, please?
> It works using binfmt.
> Thank you Jonathan. Perhaps you could help me understand why one Linux system works with the .exe extension when wine is loaded from Fedora's RPM's and another system using a source install of wine doesn't recognize the .exe extension.

Binfmt is something that has to be present in the kernel in order to
work so it's not present in every system. Also there are security
implications and most people don't want that .exe act as normal
executables. You can already simply double-click on .exe files and
shortcuts as they are associated with wine, I think it's simple enough. 

When using command-line, it's not too hard to type wine xyz.exe
(especially using bash-completion).

If you want to use binfmt you'll have to search the Web for instructions
on how to set it up or wait until someone gives you the right
configuration (you can also check your Fedora system). Keep in mind that
mono executables also end in .exe...

> Is there some wine package, say winetools that manipulates binfmt perhaps?

Please don't use winetools, it'll break your wine profile.


P.S. Don't forget to reply to the list too...

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