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Charles Krinke ckrinke at istor.com
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	Charles Krinke wrote:
	> In setting up a linux/wine system that has two disk partitions, one for
	> windows & one for Linux (capitalization intentional), what is the
	> linux/wine convention for setting up paths on the windows partition
	> executables.
	> Is it reasonable to make a script that emulates the path environment of
	> the windows partition when it is booted and execute that script when
	> wine is used to access some executables on the windows partition? Being
	> a bit new to wine, I am struggling with the right way to accomplish this.
	In general, the best thing to do is to install the apps separately into
	Wine. You can still use the mounted Windows partition to share data
	files. Many apps install registry entries that you would need to
	transfer from the Windows registry to the Wine registry. Is there some
	reason you are attempting to share this disk space?
	The answer is fairly simple. I have a few apps, starting with CodeWright and next MetaDeveloper (a C compiler for an ARC processor that only exists as a Windows set of .EXE files) that I would like to run from Linux to avoid using two computers for a project that compiles using both Windows and Linux toolchains using wine. 

	There are few if any registry entries, but there are a few DLL's. So, it seems that adding the .EXE's and  .DLL's to the path when using the Windows partition is the most straightforward solution.


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