[Wine] Wine crashes with Homeworld 1

David Johnson johnson_d at cox.net
Sat Dec 30 08:55:15 CST 2006

By mid-game, I mean I'm in the middle of a battle and suddenly the game goes 

<joke>Whaddaya mean I have to replay that scenario again?</joke>

I upgraded to 0.9.28 downloaded from sourceforge and built from source, and 
the game no longer crashes.  (good!)

However, it now freezes when quitting (annoying but manageable), 

> In mid-game, Wine will simply drop out of memory, returning me to the 
> prompt.

I played it recently (about 15 days), and everything worked fine (the menus
were slow, though); what do you call mid-game?

> Anyone have any ideas?  The details follow.

Maybe you could look what wine says when given WINDEDEBUG=+seh? Furthermore,
your log seems clipped.

See you.


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