[Wine] Could not load 'SOUND.DLL' required by 'sierrawh', error=2

Mike Leahy mgleahy at golden.net
Thu Feb 2 01:33:18 CST 2006

Hello list,

I'm trying to get some old windows Win95/98 games to run without too
much luck.  This example is a Sierra Hoyle Classic Games CD from 1998,
which should be enough to keep my wife happy without having to reboot my
computer back into windows...if I can get it to work.  The installer
itself runs fine, and even plays a sample sound clip to test the sound
before installing.  After that, when I actually try to run the game, I
get the SOUND.DLL error quoted in this email's subject.  I found some
stuff in a bug report from a while back, but it didn't look like a
solution was presented.  Is there some way I can get this to work?  If I
can find a copy of the sound.dll, should that be sufficient to make the
game work (or at least get beyond that first error)?

Thanks in advance for any suggestions...


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