[Wine] Could not load 'SOUND.DLL' required by 'sierrawh', error=2

Mike Leahy mgleahy at golden.net
Thu Feb 2 04:26:45 CST 2006

It looks like its trying to load it natively (although that could be
because I set it try that first in winecfg).  At any rate, I found a
copy of sound.dll online...I tried putting it in places that seemed like
good candidates (e.g., the same directory as the exe, as well as the
same directory where sound.drv.so is installed).  I get a slightly
different error now:

trace:loaddll:MODULE_LoadModule16 Loaded module
"C:\\SIERRA\\HOYLECG\\hoylecg.exe" : native
Could not load 'SOUND.DLL' required by 'sierrawh', error=21

So now would this be a problem with getting the right version maybe?
Just a guess...I don't suppose somebody has an old sound.dll lying
around anywhere?

Thanks for the help.


GuruLounge - MailLists wrote:
> Well, I'd definetly try to copy the dll from a windows partition (I have
> mine mounted on /windows for reasons like this).  I'd also fool around
> with "winecfg" and see if adjusting the audio settings works.
> It wouldn't hurt to do:
> WINEDEBUG="loaddll" wine yourprogramname.exe
> and see if SOUND.DLL is being loaded native or builtin.
> Jeff
> On Thu, 2006-02-02 at 02:33 -0500, Mike Leahy wrote:
>> Hello list,
>> I'm trying to get some old windows Win95/98 games to run without too
>> much luck.  This example is a Sierra Hoyle Classic Games CD from 1998,
>> which should be enough to keep my wife happy without having to reboot my
>> computer back into windows...if I can get it to work.  The installer
>> itself runs fine, and even plays a sample sound clip to test the sound
>> before installing.  After that, when I actually try to run the game, I
>> get the SOUND.DLL error quoted in this email's subject.  I found some
>> stuff in a bug report from a while back, but it didn't look like a
>> solution was presented.  Is there some way I can get this to work?  If I
>> can find a copy of the sound.dll, should that be sufficient to make the
>> game work (or at least get beyond that first error)?
>> Thanks in advance for any suggestions...
>> Mike
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