[Wine] Sliding screen in games [again]

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Thu Feb 2 13:35:36 CST 2006

Okay,  I've posted this twice before and if I've learned anything with
Linux it's that "patience and persistence is the key".

Anyway, when I play First-Person-Shooters in wine sometimes the screen
will slide if I move the mouse too far to the side.  Generally happens
when the game hangs for a second -- trying to catch up with sound or
video or when I drop the console to type commands.  I'm using dual
displays so my desktop res is set to 2048x768.  I always play the games
in full screen so they only show on one monitor while the other is
blanked out, metamode setting in xorg.conf is: "640x480, null".

It's pretty annoying when in a good fire-fight half the desktop suddenly
appears on my screen.  I've tried adjusting graphics settings in
winecfg, toggling the "allow directX apps to prevent the mouse from
leaving the screen", etc. -- to no avail.

I should also mention that I've managed to get the following games to
run successfully on my computer:

Tribes II
American McGee's Alice

Any help would be appreciated,



    /( )\
Linux Advocate

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