[Wine] Could not load 'SOUND.DLL' required by 'sierrawh', error=2

Mike Leahy mgleahy at golden.net
Thu Feb 2 14:46:00 CST 2006

Hey, I checked that site and it looks like they only have dsound.dll
(which I also have on my WinXP drive).

I tried Ulisses suggestion' to put dsound.dll in the system32 folder and
symlink it to sound.dll, but I still get error #21.  Since this is
different from the error when I have no sound.dll at all (error #2), I'm
still thinking that it's a problem either with the dll itself (e.g.,
wrong version), or with wine's ability to use it.

Are there any other tweaks I can try, or maybe some other candiates for
the sound.dll?

Thanks again...


Mr Duck wrote:
>> machines have it, so I'm wondering if anyone knows a good place to find
>> a working version...?
>   Any time I need a dll file, I usually can find it on dll-files.com.
> I don't know if they have different versions of the sound.dll file on
> the site, but can't hurt to look.
>   Did you say that you cannot get windows to register the existing
> dll?
> Mr Duck
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