[Wine] Could not load 'SOUND.DLL' required by 'sierrawh', error=2

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Thu Feb 2 15:10:05 CST 2006

Have you been looking at these bug comments?  They're recent (and I mean
TODAY) which suprised me.  Seems other folks are having the same


Hope you solve it, I can understand the dual boot dilema.


On Thu, 2006-02-02 at 15:02 -0500, Mike Leahy wrote:
> Sorry Jeff/Ulisses - I've been sending my replies off-list...
> At any rate, no change so far - even after doing the stuff mentioned
> below, I still get error #21:
> Could not load 'SOUND.DLL' required by 'sierrawh', error=21
> Since I can't register the copy of sound.dll that I have with regsvr32,
> I'm thinking that I have the wrong one - none of my WinXP or Win98
> machines have it, so I'm wondering if anyone knows a good place to find
> a working version...?
> Thanks again,
> Mike


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