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Mads Laursen wine at dossen.dk
Thu Feb 2 17:10:23 CST 2006

Hello wine-users

I'm trying to run the program Army Builder from Wolflair under wine
0.9.7 (freshly compiled on up-to-date Source Mage Gnu Linux distro).

The program runs without problems, but wine does not render the ui
correctly. All standard buttons in the program fail to be drawn, and
are not able to be clicked by the mouse. The fokus-marking around the
buttons is however drawn, and tooltips work. Using enter to activate
the fokused button also works.

Turning on WINEDEBUG does not immediately yield anything.

I have placed a screenshot at
The dialog box is supposed to have several buttons on the right, of
which the topmost one is fokused.

I'm including my correspondance with Wolflair technical support.

Thank you in advance for any suggestions on how to get this working


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Hmmm. AB3 is written using standard Windows mechanisms that are used 
by a wide variety of applications. We don't do anything "special" 
within the UI, so I don't understand why Wine would fail to run AB3 
if it properly supports the standard Windows API for display and 
mouse handling. I would have figured the only thing that might have 
tripped up Wine would be our use of memory-mapped files within the 
engine, since not a lot of products leverage that mechanism.

It was our intent to develop AB3 using only standard mechanisms that 
the various emulators would support. Since we don't use Linux 
in-house for anything, and since Wine can be a major pain to setup 
appropriately, we don't actively test against Wine. Instead, we do 
some quick tests using VirtualPC on the Mac as our sanity check. 
Since AB3 does work under VirtualPC, I'm guessing that the problem is 
due to something wrong within the way Wine handles a particular 
Windows GDI function or two. I don't know what it would be, but we're 
a tiny company so we don't have the bandwidth to try to figure it out 
on our end. You might try contacting the folks who develop Wine, 
since AB3 does nothing special that should cause Wine to fail.


At 10:12 AM 1/31/2006, you wrote:
>According to your FAQ, you do not intend to release Army Builder for
>Linux. Given the niche nature of the product, that is quite
>understandable. It would however be nice (read: I, for one, could
>easily justify spending the money) if Army Builder worked nicely under
>Wine (www.winehq.org). It seems that the way Army Builder draws the
>buttons is not the standard way for Windows apps, so all buttons are
>without text and can only be activated by the keyboard and not the

Technical Support (helpdesk at wolflair.com)
Lone Wolf Development (www.wolflair.com)

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