[Wine] Borland Database Engine related installer issue (Portal GT-D)

Joachim von Thadden thadden at web.de
Sun Feb 5 11:43:42 CST 2006

Am Thu, Feb 02, 2006 at 10:30:05PM -0600 schrieb Michael Edwards:
> I am attempting to install the Portal GT-D mud client
> (www.gameaxle.com) on top of wine-0.9.6-1.fc4 which I then
> reconfigured using winetools-0.9-3jo after failing to install MS
> Office XP Pro (which I never did get to work either, but I found some
> references saying that it wasn't likely to).  IE6 installed and runs
> for what it is worth.  I run the setup program in the style the wine
> tools use (WINEDEBUG="fixme-all" WINEDLLOVERRIDES="" setarch i386 wine
> SETUP.EXE).  The setup includes installing and configuring the Borland
> Database Engine and proceeds quite a way before it throws an error
> window reading
> Merging the Configuration File Has Failed
> Config File: c:\Program Files\Common Files\Borland Shared\BDE\IDAPI.CNF
> It continues and throws another error window titled "Failed in Adding
> Alias" reading:
> The error number is 3, Installation Failed.
> The console doesn't display any messages at all, which is somewhat unusal.
> The installation continues and appears to succeed but the application
> does not successfully run (unsuprisingly).
> Anyway, I am interested in getting this to work and I am open to
> suggestion as to how to proceed and experement.

I got many BDE apps running with WineTools. Before you install them you
have to install from the tested applications menu

- Database/DBCrab
- Database/Borland Database Engine

in this very order. Then you can try to install your software. You
might get the same errors (I mostly got them with my tries) but it can
work anyway.

If it does not you have to figure out which alias is used by the
software and might have to add it by hand with the BDE DB administrator
coming with the BDE.

	Joachim von Thadden
"Never touch a running system! Never run a touching system?
          Never run a touchy system!!!"

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