[Wine] errors on uo client..

Christoph Fassbach chritoph at gmx.de
Mon Feb 6 18:02:24 CST 2006

bl1nk wrote:

> Hi there, i'm gettin trouble with an ultima online client..
> i'm sure that this client works with wine, because I evere played with 
> it..
> now, after the new installation of linux i'm getting this error:



I have had the same problem, but only if running in true Xinerama mode 
(on one graphics card)
without using the Xinerama feature of the NVidia driver.

My solution was/is:
Use winecfg to make wine open all windows apps in ONE window using a 
emulated desktop.
In the german version the checkbox is near the text input field in the 
graphics tab.

Perhaps you can remove libwine-gl (debian package name) to solve your 
problem, too.
But this is untested.



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