[Wine] Re: [AppDB] modify installs and runs fields

Tony Lambregts tony.lambregts at gmail.com
Tue Feb 7 08:39:34 CST 2006

Alexander N. Sørnes wrote:

> Tony Lambregts skrev:
>> Mike McCormack wrote:
>>> Actually it appears other share my altered sense of reality.
>>> World Of Warcraft 1.3.0  is the top ranking "Gold" application, yet 
>>> it requires mfc42, msvcp60.dll and possibly some patches to run.
>>> MS Money is also in the Gold list and requires DCOM95 and IE6.
>>> Are you really sure people understand what your definition of Gold is?
>>> Mike
>> Crap!!!
>> Well http://appdb.winehq.org/help/?topic=maintainer_ratings spells it 
>> out that gold is just that.
>> An application can be rated as Gold if it installs and runs "out of 
>> the box".
>> Some maintainers may have a distorted or over optimistic opinion of 
>> their application. So we need to clean that up and change these 
>> "False Gold" applications to "Silver"
>> If anyone else knows of any other "False Gold" applications please 
>> let us know.  appdb at winehq.org
> Can we not add another rank for the out-of-the-box-running 
> applications?  Most people will be interested in how well an 
> application can be made to run, and will not care if that means adding 
> a single DLL override, especially if the DLL is installed together 
> with the application.
> Leaving just two levels to tell how well an application runs does not 
> give a good overview; there are for example many games that work 
> flawlessly in single-player mode, but not at all in multi-player mode; 
> and some require a no-CD crack.
Well as I've said before rating system sucks by definition. Anyway these 
are the current definitions for the ratings.

* Gold - An application can be rated as Gold if it installs and runs 
"out of the box"

* Silver - If an application needs DLL overrides (native DLL's from a 
Windows installation) to install and run but runs flawlessly otherwise, 
then it can be rated as silver. There should be an accompanying "How-To" 
written to allow users to get this application to run.

* Bronze - Bronze Applications may have bugs in them and require DLL 
overrides. If the program can be used as it was intended but is missing 
features then the can be rated as Bronze.

* Garbage - An app gets this rating if it can not be used for the 
purpose it was designed. There should be at least one bug report in 
bugzilla if an app gets this rating.

So lets say that we add another level and call it "platinum" and we 
reserve it for "Works out of box", what would you gain?  Gold becomes 
Platinum,  Silver becomes Gold and ... ???


Tony Lambregts

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