[Wine] Wine & Putty & telnet

Zvone Zagar zvone.zagar at aero.si
Thu Feb 9 06:29:28 CST 2006


I am new to the list. In fact I have been using 'wine' just for a couple
of days. Well I use Linux for many, many years.
I have installed Wine ver. 0.9.7 on SuSE 9.3 (rpm) and SuSE 9.0
(compiled from source). Then I tried Putty 0.58.
It starts OK. I can get login prompt from any sshd. But I don't get a
login prompt when I try to connect to any telnet servers.
Putty for Linux works.
Any idea ? I would appreciate any clue.

Regards Zvone Zagar

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