[Wine] How to set the default font set ?

Song Zhiwei songzw at mail.ustc.edu.cn
Thu Feb 9 21:48:34 CST 2006

my user.reg contains the following external fonts

Software\\Wine\\Fonts\\External Fonts] 1139540729
"Bitstream Vera Sans Bold (TrueType)"="VeraBd.ttf"
"Bitstream Vera Sans Bold Oblique (TrueType)"="VeraBI.ttf"
"Bitstream Vera Sans Mono Bold (TrueType)"="VeraMoBd.ttf"
"Bitstream Vera Sans Mono Bold Oblique (TrueType)"="VeraMoBI.ttf"
"Bitstream Vera Sans Mono Oblique (TrueType)"="VeraMoIt.ttf"
"Bitstream Vera Sans Mono Roman (TrueType)"="VeraMono.ttf"
"Bitstream Vera Sans Oblique (TrueType)"="VeraIt.ttf"
"Bitstream Vera Sans Roman (TrueType)"="Vera.ttf"
"Bitstream Vera Serif Bold (TrueType)"="VeraSeBd.ttf"
"Bitstream Vera Serif Roman (TrueType)"="VeraSe.ttf"
"KaiTi_GB2312 (TrueType)"="simkai.ttf"
"Luxi Mono (TrueType)"="luximr.ttf"
"Luxi Mono Bold (TrueType)"="luximb.ttf"
"Luxi Mono Bold Oblique (TrueType)"="luximbi.ttf"
"Luxi Mono Oblique (TrueType)"="luximri.ttf"
"Luxi Sans (TrueType)"="luxisr.ttf"
"Luxi Sans Bold (TrueType)"="luxisb.ttf"
"Luxi Sans Bold Oblique (TrueType)"="luxisbi.ttf"
"Luxi Sans Oblique (TrueType)"="luxisri.ttf"
"Luxi Serif (TrueType)"="luxirr.ttf"
"Luxi Serif Bold (TrueType)"="luxirb.ttf"
"Luxi Serif Bold Oblique (TrueType)"="luxirbi.ttf"
"Luxi Serif Oblique (TrueType)"="luxirri.ttf"
"MingLiU (TrueType)"="mingliu.ttf"
"MS Song (TrueType)"="mssong.ttf"
"NSimSun (TrueType)"="simsun.ttc"
"SimHei (TrueType)"="simhei.ttf"
"Simsun (Founder Extended) (TrueType)"="sursong.ttf"
"SimSun (TrueType)"="simsun.ttc"
"STKaiti (TrueType)"="stkaiti.ttf"
"STSong (TrueType)"="stsong.ttf"
"STXingkai (TrueType)"="stxingkai.ttf"
"Wine Courier Medium (TrueType)"="wine_courier.ttf"
"Wine Marlett (TrueType)"="wine_marlett.ttf"
"Wine Sans Serif Medium (TrueType)"="wine_sans_serif.ttf"
"Wine System Bold (TrueType)"="wine_system.ttf"

I expect SimSun for two-bytes chars but it gives KaiTi_GB2312 by the
order of the name of the fonts.
And I cannot change the keys, they will be back in next time by wine.


How to set the default font for the locale zh_CN.GBK (00000804)?
How to set the default font sets sush as Tahoma for ascii and SimSun
for two-bytes chars simultaneously ? 

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