[Wine] Updates

James E. Lang jelly at ktb.net
Mon Feb 13 23:41:41 CST 2006

Thank you Walt for your response. I guess what I understand is not what you 
mean to say since doing what I understand you to be saying does not cause a 
status change that sticks from one execution of YaST to the next.

Here is the process of what I do and the results. Using the GUI I execute YaST. 
I then select "Install and Remove Software" and enter "wine" as the search 
target. Performing that search shows me wine with a status of "Keep" and with 
an Avail. Version 20050211-4 and with an Installed Version 0.9.7-0.1. I change 
the status from "Keep" to "Protected -- Do Not Modify." I then click "Accept", 
"Finish", and "Close" in succession. When I again execute YaST, select "Install 
and Remove Software", enter "wine" as the search target, and perform that 
search then I see that wine is again set to "Keep" instead of "Protected -- Do 
Not Modify." 

As I understand it wine is not protected from YOU which would "update" wine if 
I did not specifically tell it each time that wine is Protected.

Please tell me what I'm not understanding.


Walt Ogburn wrote at 18:04 on 12 Feb 2006:

> In "install and remove software," find the entry for wine, and set it to
> "protect" (the icon is a padlock).  After that, YOU shouldn't try to
> change it.
> On Sun, 12 Feb 2006, James E. Lang wrote:
> > SuSE tries to feed me Wine V20050211 as a security fix for the recent WMF
> > vulnerability. OTOH, WneHQ says that this is fixed in V0.9.6.
> >
> > Can anyone tell me how to specify to "YOU" (YaST Online Updater) that I most
> > certainly don't want that 20050211 version? Not now -- not ever! I am now using
> > V0.9.7. If I permit "YOU" to perform automatic updates I get clobbered by this
> > every time.

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