[Wine] Winecfg / wineprefixcreate hangs ...

webmyster webmyster.mail-list at laposte.net
Mon Feb 20 04:50:07 CST 2006


I'm trying to use wine 0.9.8 on netbsd current. I have seen that several 
personnes asked the question on this list, but none get a clear answer :

Winecfg hangs (and no window open on X-window) after printing :
wine: creating configuration directory '/homes/damien/.wine'...
fixme:ntdll:FILE_GetDeviceInfo device info not properly supported on 
this platform

I can stop winecfg with Ctrl-C, but wineprefixcreate remains. The only 
way to stop wineprefixcreate is to kill it with SIGKILL.
I tryed to rename the .wine-l8r9Oc, created by winecfg to .wine, but 
nothing happened when i restart winecfg.

I had the same trouble with wine 0.9.6, but the second line, about 
fixme:ntdll:FILE_GetDeviceInfo did not appear.

Could you help me ?

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