[Wine] Re: getwinegit.sh 0.2

Segin segin2005 at gmail.com
Sun Feb 19 18:40:49 CST 2006

Christian Lachner wrote:

>I decided to make this release a bit more complete than the other ones
>i did before. Bugfree (i hope ;)) and with readme. current version is
>this is the readme's content:
> :: Intro
>getwinegit is a script which was designed to download/update, compile
>and install the current wine-git-source-tree.
> :: Usage
>Usage: /usr/bin/getwinegit.sh -mode
> -0   update the local source-tree
> -1   + compile the source
> -2   + install
> -3   no update; just compile the local source-tree and install
> -h   help ;)
> :: Install
>Just copy getwinegit.sh wherever you want, make it executable and
>create a softlink at /usr/bin. Then (or before) configure the script
>by editing the variables in the head with your favourite editor.
>(minimum is to set ENABLE="yes")
> :: Changes
>0.2		first stable release.
> :: Future?
>Tell me what you need and i will implement it... maybe :D
> :: Where are you at home?
> :: Bugs?
>Report them to gladiac at gmail dot com ;)
>Thanks for reading, bye
>  glad
Intersting, do you know of any platform-specific problem that may occur? 
The BSDs use their own 'sh' per default, and it is known to behave 
differently than the 'sh' in Solaris and GNU bash. I would like to 
assist you in working out all the knacks in the code.s
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