[Wine] Kiwi Cattools under Wine

Michael Thrift mthrift at western.edu
Tue Jan 3 16:31:07 CST 2006

Hello Everybody,
    I'm pleased with the progress of the wine project, it's been nice to 
move most of my work applications into Linux, and avoid using Windows 
all together.  I am currently facing problems with an application called 
Kiwi CatTools (http://www.kiwisyslog.com).  This application is a 
Network Management System that automates configuration archiving, 
mass-configuration pushing/pulling, and various other everyday functions 
of a Network Technician.  When I try to run it under wine, configured as 
WinXP, setup using winetools, with all of the necessary components 
installed for a functional windows system, with the following command:

setarch i386 wine CatTools.exe

I get this error:

"Could not complete DB startup.  Check the infolog for details.  Please 
shut down CatTools and try again after fixing the problem."

WINEDEBUG="loaddll" reveals the following dlls being called:


So, from what I can gather, this application uses a Microsoft Jet 
Database to store it's device information etc.  Can anybody suggest some 
tweaks I might try to get this running properly?  I'm either going to 
use wine or VMWare, but I'd rather use wine for efficiency sake.  I've 
researched and tried numerous dll overrides, to no avail.  My company 
purchased the licenses for this just before I made the platform switch, 
so I'd like to stick with the tool if possible, and I have yet to find 
an equivolent application native in Linux.  Thanks for any and all help, 
I'll happily provide whatever information I need to.

Happy New Years!

Distribution: Fedora Core 4
Architecture: i686

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