[Wine] wine and opengl

Philipp Klaus Krause pkk at spth.de
Wed Jan 4 04:43:26 CST 2006

Michal Seliga schrieb:
> hi
> all opengl applications which worked with 0.93 crash with 0.94
> there is message that glx 1.2 without GL_SGIX_FBCONFIG is unsupported and that i
> should wait problems. and later wine goes to debugger with accessing adress 000000
> is there any possibility how to make it work again? i use ati binary drivers
> (latest version, 12/08/05, Version: 8.20.8)).
> what drivers support this extension?
> i use xserver from mandrake 10.1 distribution (xorg-x11-6.7.0-4.4.101mdk.i586.rpm)

AFAIK Mesa 4.1 supports it. Since the free DRI frivers are based on Mesa
they should, too (at least my i915 driver based on 6.4.1 does.
If you use a Radeon 9250 or below the DRI drivers will probably work
better (that is faster, more stable, with more features supported) than
the non-free ones from ATI.
If you use a Radeon from 9500 to X850 the DRI drivers will work, but
will be slower, support less features and be less stable compared to the
non-free ATI drivers.
If you use a Radeon 1X-whatever the DRi drivers won't work for you.

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