[Wine] what i should use?wine or winelib

Dmitriy Kazimirow dkazimirow at gmail.com
Wed Jan 4 10:23:09 CST 2006

We are developing a program for Windows(using MSVC if it matter).
It was found some time ago that it would be good to have linux version.
But program can't be ported easily becouse our own (non-gui) code
cannot be easily ported, also, we use some third-party components
which simply is not avaible under linux(we have only binary
DLLs).Functionality of those components cannot be easily rewritten.
GUI part of the program can be compiled native under linux rather
easy(it was written using one of cross-platform toolkits)

So far I've found out that our options:
- Port GUI and portable parts of 'core' code and use winelib to call
third-party components and rest of 'core' code (but FAQ on WineHQ.org
tell what we shouldn't use winelib on x86)

- doesn't try to create linux native version and simply 'embed' wine
files into directory tree of linux version(and have problems with
Windows GUI app on Linux,no support for themes,etc and 'native' GUI is
important for us)

- just develop and test under wine 0.9.4 and recommend this version to users

So I need advice-which way is better in this situation?
With regards, Dmitriy Kazimirow

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