[Wine] re: what i should use?wine or winelib

Dan Kegel dank at kegel.com
Wed Jan 4 18:56:52 CST 2006

dkazimirow at gmail.com asked:
> So far I've found out that our options:
> (1) Port GUI and portable parts of 'core' code and use winelib ...
> (2) don't try to create linux native version and simply 'embed' wine
> files into directory tree of linux version ...
> (3) just develop and test under wine 0.9.4 and recommend this version to users
> So I need advice-which way is better in this situation?

I recommend both the 2nd and 3rd approaches for most vendors.
(You want approach #2 because some customers won't
want to bother knowing about Wine,
but you also want approach #3 because customers
who know about Wine will be very upset if they
can't at least try your app in their own copy of the latest Wine.)

You can always go back and use approach #1, or something
like it, later if you find that the Windows interface isn't making
users happy.

- Dan

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