[Wine] Font Question

David Ronis ronis at ronispc.chem.mcgill.ca
Thu Jan 5 07:06:11 CST 2006

I use wine to run a program called SciFinder (a remote science/chemistry
literature/patent database search tool).  It runs perfectly, except for
two minor problems:

1.  The application has a preferences gui that, among other things,
allows me to choose a font and fontsize for parts of the information
displayed.  When I exit the program, these changes are lost.

2.  The default font (and the font used for things like menu/button
labels) is very small.  There doesn't seem to be a user setting for this
in the application, and this seems to be related to wine in that the
font was much bigger with earlier versions of wine (I use the current
CVS version of wine).  Is there some way to choose the default
font/fontsize used for an application?  I've used winecfg (nothing
relevant there) and regedit (maybe relevant, but as I'm a windows
ignoramus, I don't know what to change), but couldn't figure out what to
do. (I have created a windows/fonts directory and linked all my ttf
fonts there).

Thanks in advance


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