[Wine] VB on Linux with Wine

Raghu raghu.jonnalagadda at cmcltd.com
Fri Jan 6 05:45:45 CST 2006

We have 50 complex applications written in Microsoft Visual Basic 6.0
providing banking solutions. We are seriously thinking of porting 
our applications to Linux under WINE. Is it possible to do so?

Nature of our VB applications:
1. Extensively used all controls provided in VB

2. Total size of our applications is around 2 million lines

3. Applications are having reference to our own VB COM components

4. Extensively used Microsoft Windows API

5. Used some of our own custom controls written in VB.

6. Interfaced with Microsoft Technologies like WinWord and Internet Explorer

7. Applications access MS-Access, MS SQL Server, Oracle through ODBC.

8. There are BAS modules commonly included in all of these applications.

Can anybody help us in running our applications on Linux?
How do I install VB runtime and my applications on Linux-Wine?

Thanks & Regards
Raghu J.

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