[Wine] Joystick with 2 axis switched

Mathieu SCHROETER gamesover at my-underworld.net
Fri Jan 6 10:51:38 CST 2006


I have a discussion in an another newsgroup 
(comp.emulators.ms-windows.wine) for the joystick : SideWinder 3D Pro

And, this joystick don't works good with wine because two axis are switched.
The rudder is the throttle and the throttle is the rudder.

A person (Robert Reif) tell :

 >>> All this will not work with the joystick_linuxinput driver.
 >>> fixme:dinput:joydev_have found a joystick at /dev/input/event3!
 > There are two wine dinput joystick drivers (old and new
 > linux joystick apis) and the one that is being used (new)
 > doesn't support axis and button remapping.
 > I don't know how you can force wine to use the other driver
 > for the older linux joystick interface.

How to make for use the old driver?

Thanks you!


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