[Wine] Can not install my bible program

f_sophia f_sophia at libero.it
Tue Jan 10 17:07:20 CST 2006

> I am invested in the Logos Bible Program and am trying to get it to run
> with wine.  It gives me a textbox that says it must run on windows 98 ver
> or higher.  I do not know what else to do.

The textbox is a WINDOWS-message-box... i.e. an insufficent information for 
any WINE-helper.
Try this...

WINEBEBUG=+all wine yourbibleprogram.exe

Winedebug will find out all your bible-program needs.
Then... send a mail with WINE-output-message [readable into a terminal like 
Konsole, if you're using KDE... ] at wine-users' mailing list.

Walt wrote...
>If that doesn't help, you might need to try something else, like
>installing Internet Explorer.
Probably... Walt is right.
Try to install Internet Explorer with winetools... or sidenet-wine-config.



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