[Wine] strange behavior of directory window in this EditPlus

Willie Sun wsun013.wine at gmail.com
Wed Jan 11 21:07:54 CST 2006


I am using EditPlus through wine, where the trial version of it can be
download from :


The installer works all right, and program can be started without any
problem at all.
Just one strange behavior of it, here is the way to reproduce it

1. start editplus
2. view->make sure the "Directory Window" is ticked
3. browse to any directory which contains more than 3 files
here comes the strange part
4. click any file around the mid of files
5. click any file above the file you just chosed -> you will find that
the selection is more like a CTRL+click in win32
6. click any file below the file you just selected ->then it works as
expect, only one file is selected.

4 to 6 can be repeated and recursive.

Expection of  ``normal'' behavior:
one file is chosen at a time, unless the CTRL or Shift-like key is
pressed at the same time.

Thanks in advanced,


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