[Wine] Softphone - InstallShield Setup.exe hang

Liam Kurmos quantum_liam at yahoo.co.jp
Fri Jan 13 04:16:18 CST 2006

Mitsuho Iizuka wrote:

>I could extract all ap files as one step forward with the
>InstallShield according to your advice and a wiki.winehq.org article
>as follows.
>Now I'm stopping at new audio driver install phase in Setup.exe and
>see another wine error. This application is softphone :) Perhaps, no
>way to work more.
>   http://wiki.winehq.org/NativeDcom?highlight=%28dcom98%29
can you post the output from wine. I doubt I will be able to help but if 
your lucky someone may know something about it. This is Cisco softphone? 
It sounds like an important app in the corporate world.

I don't suppose you could just use skype? :)

>It seems more dlls will be required rather than one ole32.dll. I don't
>know OLE at all, but this mechanism does not seem to be so simple. And
>dcom98.com need to be installed on win98.
Unfortunately even if you can get this app to install, there is no 
guarantee that it will run in wine.

As a last resort you might consider the following method to get you app 
to install, it is very painful and may not even work so probably only 
worth a try if you're totally desperate.

1. export the registry in windows to a text file (preferably a clean 
install of windows)
2. install the app.
3. export the registry again.
4. make a diff of the two files
5. import the new keys from the diff file into the wine reg, copy all 
the files to wine and run.

(if the installer copies files to a location other than ..\prog files 
and the wine installer doesn't reach that point, then you will also need 
a way to track the files it copies)

this suggestion is, to put it in Japanese, 'hijouni moushiwakenai', but 
it's the only thing I can think of. You may be better off trying to fix 
the next step in the installer, or just giving up.

>hmm, good advice. thank you.  I don't know well, but InstallShield ole
>problem might be very common one here(almost faq?) to be solved in future.
yes, very common and some there is work going on to improve wine in this 
area. If your lucky your issue might be fixed any day now, but if your 
unlucky you may be waiting for a very time. The best things is to get 
developer help, and atleast try to find out if there is any hope for 
getting it to install.

good luck,


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