[Wine] Re: could not load ... as Win32 binary

Sabine Sagner-Weigl postit at weiglwelt.de
Fri Jan 13 14:19:02 CST 2006

Dan Kegel wrote:

>> > I am using Debian (Etch) und wine 0.9.5-winehq-1.
>> > When I try to install a Program the installation routine hangs ...
>> > ... In December it worked already. Now it doesn't any more (after a
>> > apt-get upgrade with many, many packages).
> With a fresh copy of wine from cvs, it installed fine once I copied
> msvc40.dll into windows/system32.

> Anyway, were you using plain wine, or were you also using
> some native libraries or Winetools or something like that
> when it was working for you before?
> - Dan


In both cases I did the following:

sabine at alice:~$ rm -rf .wine
sabine at alice:~$ wineprefixcreate
/home/sabine/.wine updated successfully.
sabine at alice:~$ wine --version
Wine 0.9.5
sabine at alice:~$
cp /archiv/Software/linux/Wine/mfc40.dll .wine/drive_c/windows/system32/
sabine at alice:~$ wine /archiv/Software/win/Any/GPS/TTQV4/qv4setup.exe
> /tmp/errors 2>&1

And now it hangs at the end of the installation:
wine: could not load L"C
\\windows\\temp\\is-3V55E.tmp\\_isetup\\_RegDLL.tmp" as Win32 binary


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