[Wine] Wine based "Windows desktop"

James E. LaBarre jamesl at bestweb.net
Tue Jan 17 12:25:50 CST 2006

>In case you really want an environment feeling just like the windows XP 
>desktop, you could either make a special window manager that responds as 
>much like that windows desktop as possible (that'd be loads of work) -- 
>or just use one of the window managers for which there are themes to 
>make desktop similar to the XP one

I've looked at this problem too, except I'm trying to duplicate a Windows
2000 desktop.  There's *plenty* of XP-like themes, but not much for Win2K. 
I'm planning ahead for when I can (finally) move my brother's system to
Linux, and he's a picky user who hates it if I even re-arrange his icons,
so I figure I'd want to make a desktop almost identical to what he has in
2K now.

Ultimately, the most critical app is also the most impossible to find a
native *or* Wine-compatible replacement for, namely an eBay offline auction
posting tool.

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