[Wine] Wine based "Windows desktop"

Hans Christian Studt hcstudt at post10.tele.dk
Tue Jan 17 14:19:47 CST 2006

Joachim von Thadden wrote:

>Am Mo, Jan 16, 2006 at 09:48:53 +0100 schrieb Hans Christian Studt:
>>I think this would allow more users to try out wine using the familar 
>>windows gui interface.
>>Next step would be to install simple windows applications all within the 
>>familar windows environmet
>I don't understand where this leads to:
I am just trying to find out what version 1.0 or 2.0 of wine is supposed 
to provide when it comes to end user facing functionallity.

> If you want to use Windows just do it!
I believe wine is for people who need to use Windows application, so I 
am not sure what your point is.

> If you buy a new car do you want to look it like your old one?
Same as above.

>No, you just want it to have pedals and a steering-wheel. The rest will
>look different but will do the same as in your old one.
OK, the theming, style etc. can be KDE og GNOME or some other that are 
available under linux.
If needed I will implement a menu structure like a windows START-menu.

> And I am sure you don't want to use your old seats.
It is the old applications I want.
Most users want application access not specific OS or API.

>Make yourself familiar with the
>new ones and have fun with them. It's not so hard.
Done that since Altos in the late 80's

>	Joachim von Thadden
The following is a brain-dump of some of my thoughts.

My sister have 1 daughter (7 years) and 2 boys (5 years) and for the 
past 3 years I have provided then with a dual boot system.
During that time they have had great fun running both windows and linux 
They have no problem controlling the boot process, and often boot direct 
into linux even though windows boot are the default.
It is funny to see them typing away while the linux boot proceeds.
They play linux games like tuxracer, snakes, stones, tuxmath, tuxtype 
and a lot others I can not remember. I have even rebuild some of the 
games to make the levels easier since not all are in Danish.

I Denmark there are some very popular and educatinal windows games 
called "Magnus og Myggen" that may soon be able to work with wine.
A am sure there are other windows programs that they will need to use in 
the future.
I am also pretty sure that they will not be able to install these 
windows programs with wine by them self any time soon.

I do not think that it will require much deep wine programming to 
improve the process of installing windows games and other programs in 
wine and as wine aproaches 1.0 it may even be required.
I would like to help out with that side of the wine project.

It is from that corner of the world that I ask what are the current 
process of installing a program or application (let say game-setup.exe) 
with wine.
Will it provide a KDE/GNOME-desktop icon and/or a menu group and item ?

Would it make sense to have a wine-desktop inside the KDE/GNOME-desktop 
where the wine installation and action took place ?

The thing is that I think that am too much a *nix guy, to be able to 
help out with implementing wine/windows API functionality.

I hope some of this makes sense.


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