[Wine] Wine based "Windows desktop"

Joris Huizer jorishuizer at planet.nl
Tue Jan 17 14:48:51 CST 2006

Hans Christian Studt wrote:

>> In case you really want an environment feeling just like the windows 
>> XP desktop, you could either make a special window manager that 
>> responds as much like that windows desktop as possible (that'd be 
>> loads of work) -- or just use one of the window managers for which 
>> there are themes to make desktop similar to the XP one (for instance, 
>> KDE comes pretty close I thought, when configured to use windows-like 
>> looks and behaviours)
>> It's up to the user to choose to use that window manager and/or theme, 
>> ofcourse
> Is that what are needed if I want a wine-desktop within the 
> KDE/GNOME-desktop - like there is a QEMU-desktop or a rdesktop within he 
> KDE/GNOME-desktop.

Don't know -- was just saying that's a solution to fine-tune every 
single detail -- but if just using a -sort-of-like-windows desktop is 
okay than you choose a KDE/whatever theme to decorate windows to look 
like XP

(I think KDE or GNOME can be configured to use a window manager other 
than the standard one -- but that'd boil down to the same as designing 
your own window manager)

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