[Wine] Re: FC4 - wine 0.9.5 - excel hangs on 'splach screen'

Krister Hallergard krister at hallergard.fsworld.co.uk
Wed Jan 18 17:40:57 CST 2006

Dan Sawyer wrote:
> The system is FC4 with the latest upgrades installed. Wine is 0.9.5.
> The latest wine is doing the best at running Office in a long time. Word 
> seems very stable. That said excel is hanging on the splash screen. This 
> in an old symptom that keeps re-occurring. DCOM is installed correctly. 
> Does anyone know what the cause of he splash screen excel is?
> Thanks - Dan

Had this problem and solved it by - instead of trying to start excel.exe 
- opening and office document (xls-file in this case).  Therafter it 
never happened again.  Excel works fine with FC4 bot not at all with 
Mandriva 2006.

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