[Wine] Latin characters (accentuation) appear with problem within Notes - Solution

penna at bb.com.br penna at bb.com.br
Thu Jan 19 08:46:08 CST 2006

Hi all,

        I am writing just to keep a record for the solution for the 
problem we had with Notes Client.
        The problem is that latin characters (accentuation) appears 
strange at the emails using Notes Client.
        In order to the characters appears correctly you will have to 
*eliminate* the trebuchet font (either from msttcorefonts package or 
trebuc32.exe, installed via wine - remove it front the Font directory of 
your fake windows).
        That's it. Notes work fine with wine and then the latin characters 
will appear correctly.

Ulisses de Sousa Penna
Analista Consultor - Banco do Brasil
Fone: +55-61-3310-6320   Fax: +55-61-3310-6435

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