[Wine] Re: winefile shows drives as NTFS - is this correct?

Krister Hallergard krister at hallergard.fsworld.co.uk
Fri Jan 20 02:48:57 CST 2006

Probably winfile anomaly.  In winfile all my partitions show up as NTFS 
regardless of if they are ext3, FAT, FAT32 of NTFS.  Also drive c: shows 
up as NTFS.  The DVD shows CDFS.  Have never worried about this as I 
never had any problems with write access.

Dan Sawyer wrote:
> I am having consistent difficulty with write access and installing 
> applications. The errors show up as write protect errors or not enough 
> disk space errors. 'winefile' shows the disks as being NTFS. Is this 
> correct or is it a winefile anomaly? Are these conditions related? What 
> is the correct file system type? How can this be managed? 'winecfg' does 
> not seem to allow management of drives. It seems to read the contents of 
> dosdevices readonly.
> Thanks - Dan

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