[Wine]live cd with wine

charles arnould fungi2 at tiscali.it
Mon Jan 23 04:45:41 CST 2006

First of all I like to thank  all the users who gave me advices on the 
I have tried the Knoppix and it seems to be suitable.
The purpose is to build a bootable DVD including mycological data bases 
A special program has been written by a friend in c++ to handle these 
mycological data bases of photographs, descriptions, bibliography etc..
It  works very well with W98 and XP, and also with several versions of Wine
in Mandriva  and other Linux distributions.
This program needs particular fonts and works better with 800x600 or 1024x768 
screen resolutions.
I  solved the problem by  adding the fonts in the Fonts folder in  .wine and 
editing the config  file.
It works very well and the configuration can be saved  on any partition of the 
hard drives, or on a floppy or usb key.
But I would like to put the knoppix.sh and   configs.tbz on the DVD 
my trials have been unsuccessfull - does anybody knows where these files must 
be placed on the DVD to be loaded when Knoppix is booting ? 
Or maybe I  should better send this on a Knoppix forum ?!
Best regards 

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