[Wine] help for Diablo II under Wine

Colin Pitrat colin.pitrat at libertysurf.fr
Wed Jan 25 06:01:02 CST 2006

I use Diablo2 and have no problem since wine 0.9 on my Gentoo. I even 
play on battle.net, and it's just perfect. No problem with video either.

Unfortunately, my expansion CD is broken, so I can't test it for now.

So the question is :
  - is your CD mounted ? (it should be as you installed Diablo2)
  - do you have proper right to read the CD ? (same comment)
  - does wine know where to find your CD ? (winecfg could help you)

If you can't manage to get it work, you can still browse the web for the 
NoCD crack.

GuruLounge - MailLists a ecrit :
> You have to install Diablo II in a peculiar fashion -- Search the WINE
> app database for it or try this link:
> http://appdb.winehq.org/appview.php?versionId=49
> I haven't attempted it yet so I couldn't tell ya how it goes.
> Jeff
> On Tue, 2006-01-24 at 23:05 +0100, christian wrote:
>>I am a new user of Ubuntu.
>>I am not familiar with UNIX commands.
>>I try to run Diablo II using Wine. No pb with install, but when I try to
>>run it, it says it can't find the cd in the cd driver.
>>I am not sure for the configuration of Wine. When I type : "grep
>>cdrom /etc/group", i do not get : cdrom::19:jesse, but I get :
>>Moreover, I do not understand the symbolic link for the device node.
>>Can somebody help me ?
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>>wine-users at winehq.org

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