[Wine] MAYA PLE & WINE (FC2)

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Thu Jan 26 19:25:49 CST 2006

A couple suggestions:

1) have you looked at a program called Blender for Linux?
(www.blender3d.org).  It would seem if someone was willing to learn the
peculiarities of this program they would save themselves quite a bit of

2) I had an installer crash trying to install TeleChart 2000.  I did the
following command:

WINEDEBUG="loaddll" wine SETUP.EXE > ~/temp/winedebug.log 2>&1

After viewing my winedebug.log file I discovered the installer crashed
after loading a module called "MSCAL.OCX".  To make a long story short,
I Googled for the OCX and found newer versions available.  I renamed the
old OCX and installed the newest version and the program installed fine
after that.

Hope this helps


On Thu, 2006-01-26 at 14:39 -0800, Matthew Engel wrote:
>  Hello Everyone...
> I work as a sys admin for a small college in North West PA.  Recently,
> a group on campus has stareted an animation club, and are looking into
> purchasing MAYA for linux.... very expensive.  I thought I might be
> able to help them out and set up MAYA PLE through wine... I get WINE
> setup and can run IE6, however when i run the maye.exe installer, the
> installer launches, hangs, then eventually crashes... Not sure where
> to really go from here... Any advice or suggestions would be greatly
> appreciated...  

    /( )\
Linux Advocate

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