[Wine] 128-bit encryption message since update to 0.9.6

Joris Huizer jorishuizer at planet.nl
Fri Jan 27 04:25:34 CST 2006

david wrote:
> Hokay, so basically something broke somewhere in Wine 0.9.6, and Wine 
> developers can't track it down because I presume it's some setting 
> somewhere in something that WineTools did - registry entry, DLL 
> overrides, etc, etc. Now, of course, there's nothing that says a similar 
>  setting might not be made somewhere in the Wine configuration by 
> winecfg, and similarly hose things that effect running IE6, and be just 
> as similarly undebuggable ...

If you want to, you could do some regression testing 
(http://www.sdconsult.no/linux/wine-doc/cvs-regression.html - couldn't 
find the (similar) page on winehq itself) to find exactly when it was broken



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