[Wine] 128-bit encryption message since update to 0.9.6

James E. LaBarre jamesl at bestweb.net
Fri Jan 27 09:51:56 CST 2006

>Back to Win4Lin. If dealing with Wine upgrades means trashing your Wine 
>settings and starting all over from scratch each time, it's just as time 
>consuming as upgrading a Windows installation ... :-(

My solution for testing new builds is to rename .wine to something like
hold.wine, (or core_app.wine, yymmdd.wine, etc), then let Wine create a new
clean configuration.  That way I can move back to my old one.  Sometimes
I'll tar up a working configuration to save for later testing.  Or perhaps
I'll tar up the current version and try the new build against what I
currently have, then I can restore the prior configuration afterwards.

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