[Wine] Lotus Notes 7

Johannes Klug wine at joyware.de
Sat Jan 28 06:44:12 CST 2006

Hello Wine Users!

I am new to this list, and relatively new to Wine itself.

(I'm using Debian Unstable and wine 0.9.6)

When trying to install Lotus Notes natively using "wine setup.exe",
Setup starts fine. Yet at the point of choosing the installation
directory, I don't get any further. I cannot choose one like I can in
Windows, and if I manually enter a directory, the "Next" button has no
I don't see any messages on the console.

I then installed Notes under Windows. and copied its directory into my
homedir in Debian. Right after starting "wine notes.exe", it shows the
Notes 7 splash screen, but after that it just says "Wine exited with a
successful status".

What is "The Right Way" to use an apllication that was installed in
Windows under wine?
Is there a way to use Notes 7 in Wine?

Thank you!
Johannes Klug

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