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Sun Jan 29 17:36:51 CST 2006


I was wondering if I could get some help with a small nuisance.  I've
been pretty successful installing and playing a number of games under
WINE but I notice a problem, particularly with FPS type games:

I use a dual display configuration - Nvidia GeForce 4 MX.  I've managed
to configure the "metamode" settings in xorg.conf so when the games go
"fullscreen" and change resolution they are displayed on the secondary
monitor and blank the primary monitor -- just the way I like it.  The
problem is this:

Occasionally the games will hang just enough (or do "something") so when
I'm moving the mouse the screen will shift showing half the game and
half desktop on the secondary monitor.  I should also note that the
games generally run at a lower resolution than the desktop itself, not
that this is of any importance as I've tried setting the resolution to
that of my desktop with no success.

Generally I can go thru some kind of "rigmarole"  to get the screen
straightened out but I loose keyboard control and have to restart the X
server -- which brings up another point about loosing keyboard control
in WINE apps that aren't managed by the X server.

In my last WINE installation I attempted to solve the issue by upgrading
DirectX from the builtin (8.1 I assume) to the latest 9.0c with no

Anyway, that makes 2 problems:

1) screen shifting or "sliding" around with the mouse, showing some of
the desktop while playing fullscreen games.

2) Apps not managed by X tend to loose keyboard control.

I've been working around these problems but they are still a nuisance
I'd like to solve.  Any ideas on what I could do would be GREATLY

Wine 0.9.5
Video: Nvidia GeForce 4 MX

Thanx in advance,

    /( )\
Linux Advocate

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