[Wine] TI83 plus Texas Instrument Calculator, Serial cable and USB cable

Pavel Troller patrol at sinus.cz
Mon Jan 30 01:52:28 CST 2006

> Hi all
> I installed *wine 9.6 on fedora4,  IE6* ,  and  *APPs*  for *CALC TI83  
> plus  *
> i tried to use the *USB *cable to connect to the *CALC* but did`t work 
> then i used *serial cable*
> after i make *¨ ln -s /dev/ttyS0  ~/dosdevices/com1¨ *then i run the "TI 
> Connect APPs" to
> coonect to the *CALC *it finds the *COM1* when it tried connect to the* 
> CALC*  but connection
> filed.
> any one have idea please help
  There are still many problems with port access in wine.
  I would like to use many service programs for mobile phones, mainly backup/
restore, flashers, unblockers etc. Almost none of them even detects the mobile
being connected. If they do, they fail to perform their task either. I'm
planning to debug this more deeply, but just now I can't find enough time slots
to start to look at it. 
                  With regards, Pavel Troller

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